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Our Projects

Some of our developed websites and web apps.


Sponsorship Provider Website

A company can provide Sponsorships to YouTubers through this web app. Admin can control every activity. A payment gateway is also available.


E-Commerce Website

It is an e-commerce website where you can purchase different types of products online. A payment gateway is available for payment through debit cards. Cash on delivery is also available.


Tech Business Website

This business website design is for a tech business. It's an attractive, responsive, and mobile-friendly website with a background animation effect with the dark theme.


Light Weight Business Site

This business website gives high performance and fast page loading a one-page website designed for IT business. It's an attractive, responsive website with a background SVG image animation effect with the light theme.


E-Vegetable Shop

E-vegetable shop is an e-commerce website for a vegetable shop. Customers can purchase the vegetables online and can also pay money online using a payment gateway. The layout is attractive and user friendly.


Bulk Mailing System

Bulk mailing system used for sending bulk emails. We can select users' emails and send emails to selected users and also can send mails to all people. This system uses a PHP mailer script to send bulk messages.

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